I’m ready to play your game.

by blossom666

Been thinking today…
My, fucking, turn to play.
My turn to sleep
And block out the noise,
To walk around the fucking toys.
To drink away my demons,
for fucked up reasons.
My turn to play the cunt,
To sit and snore, and grunt,
Each time you see, you saw
As i walked across the messy floor,
my turn to ignore;
my life responsibilities,
My turn to act all silly,
To sing to dance,
To sit in an ignorant trance.
So open your eyes,
don’t fucking cry,
Your tears are fake,
An empty lake.
Today is my day to reign,
You’ve no one to blame,
But your fucked up reflection,
In your smashed up collection
Of angry stares,
And knowing glares.
I’m stepping out from the shadows,
from your mirrored glow.
I just wanted for you to know.