Lies if the deceitful survivor.

by blossom666

I lie,
I lie everyday,
To myself,
To a world that doesn’t care for the truth,
To the people that have no time to look up and care,
I lie.
I lie so I may survive.
I cover myself in a sheer rainbow web of protection,
My lies get through,
Without detection.
I no longer go
Where lays only pain
And deceit, shame and maybe even blame.
I lie,
But I no longer look to myself for the reasons,
Of your descent,
I no longer cry tears,
For you to see,
I save them for the longest nights, when darkness covers me,
eyes closed my failures,
my inabilities,
my shame,
my dysfunction
Spreads through me in an abundance of pain that forces
The tears to fall.
I tell no one.
I let them come,
I don’t run,
I sit alone and let the pain consume me,
If only for a second.
I lie,
I lie,
I lie, so as that, I might survive, in a world
That does not see me.