Separation of dischord.

by blossom666

So i’m just spilling my guts here, feel free to scroll past. I am officially, kinda, a single lady. After ten years.

Hubby came home drunk, again. He was rambling as always and i thought fuck it, let’s test the theory that drunk people speak the truth, so i asked him. ‘Are you texting a girl?’ there was a deadly silence that hung in the air painting a vivid picture of deceit. Finally he admitted it, two months, flirting and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to take it further. I already knew, it wasn’t a shock and i responded without emotion, ‘do you want the freedom to find out?’  ‘Yes.’ No hesitation, no thought, he knew his needs instantly. And there you go, without anger, or tears or bitter words we came to a resolution based upon truth, he has the freedom to explore his feelings, i have the same freedoms as he does. We will continue to live together, be mum and be dad, something’s will change though, the deceit will no longer cling to every word he says. This isn’t the first time or  the second or even third, but with each time he grew better at hiding it, this is clearly an issue for him to work through, i just don’t want to be the one that gets the rough side of it anymore. It might work, it might not, i wasn’t put on this earth to be conventional and rarely react the way people expect, so who knows perhaps living by our own rules we can carve something out this mess we have created.