Tears of the sahara desert.

by blossom666

I’ve been thinking,
All day,
About the empty mass that is
Void of responsive emotions.
Nothing, not a thing,
No stray tear,
No heavy heart.
What if I am broken?
What damage have I endured to break the most normal human emotion?
Then I remembered.
The weeks I spent crying, sobbing, as my beautiful blue wedding dress, still settled in the wardrobe amongst the cob webs.
I remembered the ache that pulsed through my body, that first time,
my broken reflection,
When you still believed you acted without detection.
How many times can you break, how much pain can you take?
I’m empty, but not broken,
I cried these tears long ago, when tears still fell.
I’m strong, stronger,
I’ll not cry for your wrongs.