Chaos of the active mind that never stops.

by blossom666

You should go,
I know,
You will go.
I expect it,
Anticipate it.
I am mere words
On a blank page.
You cannot stay,
I know this,
I’ve always known this.
I keep my distance,
because I know
that we are always
On the verge,
of your time
I expect it,
To just find you gone.
The distance,
Is growing
and a big part of me feels
Completely at ease,
As if it is,
Unravelling the way
It was and is supposed to,
But another part of me,
Is just waiting,
To find you gone,
For you to realise,
That this is wrong.
I should tell you this,
but how?
when i cannot find the words,
And we cannot find the time.
I trust all that you say,
But expect,
To find you gone,
Every day.