Getting back on my feet.

by blossom666

Another randon freewrite, sometimes it feels good to just simply write it all down and send it out into the world.
So, on Sunday i saw this great retail job advertised, fulltime, great job, interesting, working with people, and i thought, ok i could do that job. So i googled how to write a cv, an email cover letter and got too work. I couldn’t find a single word to write, so begged my creative muse to step in and help, and she did (thanks guardian angel!) I emailed it away, and thought ok, if i don’t hear back in four weeks, then they didn’t like my relaxed cv, i started the email cover letter with ‘I love people, and I love learning’ not very conventional, but sometimes you just have to let, you, spill onto the page. Well, the cv caught their eye, monday morning the guy rang me, in a panic i looked down at my phone, which was on silent (seriously, mr Tingle, you were the reason my phone was in my hand, had we not been ummm chatting, i eould not have seen that phonecall). So he asked me about my massive seven year gap in employment history, as a mum i know/ knew this would be a gap that haunted me. So I told him, I was pregnant, made redundant and made the most of it, I was a full time mum and studied for my degree. He then offered me an interview. I am sooii nervous, my last job I was head hunted for, the job before was a given because of my experience, the one before head hunted, which takes us way back to when I was 19, thats the last time I Had a proper interview. So i’ve researched the company, they employ based in personality, right now my personality feels very broken and out of sorts (your hubby wanting to get it on with a twenty year old has a way of doing that!). So i’m nervous, the interview is tommotroe morning, i want this job, i need this job, i need to get up onto my little fighting feet and prove i can cope, im a stubborn fucker and want hubby to know i can do this without him. I wany this job, but dear god i am scared!