I’m sorry, that I am not sorry.

by blossom666

I’m sorry I could no longer bite my tongue,
I’m sorry, I went ahead and spoiled your fun.
I’m sorry you thought you’d have your cake,
and eat it,
I’m sorry I blew a fucking fit,
I’m sorry you don’t see my worth,
As you flirt with everything in a skirt,
I’m sorry you do not respect,
And for that, I hit eject.
I’m sorry you can’t have me,
When you asked to be set free.
I’m sorry,
I’m sorry you feel rejected,
I’m sorry, I feel disrespected.
I’m sorry you’re opting to sulk,
I know, its not the anticipatrd result.
I’m sorry that you thought you could,
Sorry that you thought you would.
I’m sorry it came to this,
It should have been bliss.
I’m sorry that I found my voice,
And made the choice,
So long after I should have.
I’m sorry,
Sorry, that I am not sorry for my angry words,
Sorry, that i’m not sorry for the girl,
Sorry, that im not sorry, I choose now,
To fight for me,
That i’m not sorry, that finally,
I was strong enough,
To set myself,