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Month: October, 2014

Tears of a fallen angel.

Tears fall as the break rips through me,
a steady flow of constant pain
As my world crumbles
And the cage falls,
bars of weakness hold me down,
mistakes, i shouldn’t i have made
worn down by the selfish world,
you caught my fall,
Shackled me to the iron bars
And you smile at your prize catch
As i lay broken on the floor,
wings clipped and damp
as i live each day to survive,
To a sky of freedom blue.
Tears fall when I stop to look,
I went so far,
You pulled me back
so far
tears drop for I am the fallen.


The bigger picture.

I feel like i’m always a step behind you,
As you piece together the bigger picture,
Urging me to believe,
I’m still fumbling with the pieces.
Looking for holes,
for the impossibilities.
And now as those pieces
slip into place,
Making my heart race,
I wonder if you know.
I wonder what picture you have before you,
and how different it is from mine.
And I wake each day believing those thoughts
will have gone away,
Knowing that they have no where to go,
They are as natural to me as breathing.
and I wonder what it is that you are seeing.

Be true.

Be true,
I’ll listen to my feelings
No matter how confusing
Or overwhelming,
no matter if right now
They make absolutely no sense.
I’ll listen to my heart,
The way it beats when
I think of you,
The way it warms as I thaw,
The way you sit so comfortably
inside it.
I’ll listen to my instinct as it whispers
For me to tell you
My thoughts and my fantasies,
My strengths and weakness.
I’ll trust.
In you, in me, in the grand universe,
I’ll stand tall and proud
And accept it.
You are something to me.