Page of Rods.

by blossom666

Oh my head is so full of words

that I cannot comphrehend,

for these feelings that I have

for my dearest, dearest freind.

If I cannot write of love,

I cannot write at all

I always knew I would,

but I never meant to fall.

But, you are so bloody different,

and yet so much the same.

I constantly am wondering

why it is that you came.

The Tarot cards say yes,

so I searched inside the ball,

The Angel cards say, dearest,

it’s time for you to fall.

But I did not trust myself

and I feared the unknown path

I simply wasn’t ready,

to remove the final scarf.

So we went so very silent

and I searched inside my soul.

I was looking for the answers

that I really had to know.

But the answers did not lay there;

for the path was still not walked,

until that day I found them,

when we finally stopped to talk.

And it was so bloody easy

and the words fell to the page

as you teased me into spilling

all that pent up loving rage.

And you know what?

It felt so very good

and all along I realised

that I should and really could.

And the path has slightly changed

as i’ve opened up that door

and I know it wont be easy

but i’m not afraid no more.