Never knew I needed.

by blossom666

Is that all it took. One song.

One song to bring me tumbling

back into your memories. Was it seconds?

Minutes? Hours at the very most,

before you picked up your

phone and remembered

I existed. I know you’re sorry,

but we cannot live in the past,

for that I will always be sorry.

I’m sorry I closed the door

and sorry you turned the lock.

I’m sorry we had such a brief time

and yet never sorry that you

entered my mind. I’m sorry

you couldn’t choose me this

time either, but i’m not sorry

I refuse to be a choice.

Your words hit like cupids

arrow a storm of love uncovered

in the dark, It wasn’t a declaration

or forgiveness wishes. It was

closure. It was permission to

let go of the past. Permission

to let go. It was mutual understanding

that our paths had changed and

that it was okay to carry on living,

loving, needing and wanting. I

promise to continue to light

up, even I cannot hear, even if

it means others can see me,

or love me. Thank you, for the closure

I had gained myself and never

knew I needed.

Karen Hayward (copyright 2015).