If I strip away the basic need.

by blossom666

If I strip away the outer layer the easy  route of darkness where sin lays down its beaten soul and confidence preys upon the weak. If I take away the lust filled thoughts and x-rated images that have set up house inside my blacked out white noise Television set of private peep shows, do you know what would be left behind? If I disconnect the mind from the heart, cut away all ties and laugh as it breaks, do you know what I would lose? Love, the immaculate emotion that all dreamers chase, but no one seems to stop and look at what they lose in their haste. Without love I am an empty vessel tied to nothing and ties with everything. I am a warrior with battle scars to show and passion that flames through my hair and pierces you with eyes so deep and so disconnected from the world that you are lost in their darkness for eternity. Without love I am untouchable, I can walk with Satan and bathe in his tears. Without love I am the darkness, I am the darkness that never looks back I am the succubus, I will take your soul and I will laugh in the corner as you beg for a glimpse of a heart that has not lain there for so many years that I will wonder whether it was ever there to begin with. And if I strip away these layers. If I look beyond the aching throb of sexual tension, do you know what I will find? Weakness that succumbs to the beating heart that should lay slain upon the floor. Desire for a touch that feels more alien than existence itself. I will find a desire that will turn even Satan’s blood cold, a desire so deep that the dead will turn in their graves to know I am inflicted with this weakness. And I will stand alone as I walk the boulevard of broken dreams no broken heart just an empty chest no black and white memories of treasured times, just Polaroid shots of the devil in my eyes. And if by chance I strip away this dark and broken outer shell…do you know what you have placed their? A dreamers chase hidden deep inside my blacked out television and white noise shows of vivid pure and dirty white.


Karen Hayward (copyright 2015)