In red ink.

by blossom666

I sometimes wonder what my map looks like.

What the instructions for my life’s path

would appear like.

Red lines overlapped with

squiggles of blue where I constantly go of track,


Or is every move I have made every choice been

my destiny, those paths that were dark and full of thistle

were they clearly defined on that old aged sheet of


And if all things occur for a reason,

then what is the reason?

Why so many obstacles.

What is it that I am supposed to see,

what lesson do you need from me?

Why temptation in the darkest form

to tease my mind and create a lustrous storm.

That feeling after, the sensual calm

a connection that does no harm

Why the obstacles, are they man made?

Are they created as a barrier of protection?

I’ve heard it said that somethings we must prove

we want, some things we must stand and take,

is that too written upon my map?

In red ink?

Karen Hayward ©2015.