60, 59, 58…

by blossom666

Sixty extra minutes, fifty nine really would surmise.

But an extra hour really would be kinda nice.

In that extra precious time I could surely make you mine.

My little tiny world could pause and still I would have time.

I could stretch and flex my fingers

in calm anticipation of this feeling that lingers.

I could make a cuppa, 2 sugars, white,

sit for a moment and enjoy the night.

They’d be time for a piss and still nothing i’d miss.

Time to relax, let go of the day

still plenty of time to sit back and play.

And when the new day arrives,

still I could soar and fly.

Time would be mine to wake from this slumber,

for the clock would be showing just a new number.

I could yawn and stretch or even play fetch.

I could explore and devour and be left hoping for more

if I could just get the extra hour I need at that door.

Karen Hayward ©2016.