Jack Daniels and Coke, one for me, one for my Angel.

by blossom666

My angry torrent of words still fizzle in my fingers

the un-lurching feeling inside still lingers.

A deep rootedness inside that screams

and I do not know what it means.

A constant maze of symbols, and like

Peter, I put out my hand for a thimble

because long gone is my knowledge

hiding out back in the shadows with courage.

I know they beg that I see, numbers simply follow me

they seep into the depths of my dreams,

to whisper in the calm of sleep

the reason that I should keep

and still I cannot see.

So plastic beakers for two, JD and coke

My Angels, dearest it’s been a while since

we spoke. Cards on the table show me the way

take hold of my cold and bony fingers and lead

me. Do not lay trust in me that I will find

my way, i’m lucky most days to make it through

just okay. You were there on my darkest

days when alone I stood and faced a bitter world,

you had my back when I fell between the cracks.

You stood in the shadows whilst I stood alone

in the darkness. You showed me how to love

myself even though I believed myself invisible.

You gave me a world where I am seen,

and still you expect me to know what it means!

More JD less coke Angels dearest so glad we spoke!!!


Karen Hayward ©2016