Never alone.

by blossom666

I wonder sometimes if you ever recall that night,

or the other one, or the one before because in honest

prose there are so many more. I look behind and

see an empty space where you should stand.

Looking back I am so full of thanks.


I looked bitterness in its eyes and refused to move

and in that moment I had everything to lose.

I thought I was alone and the heaviness stung


Because someone was watching.

I wonder late at

night, when darkness has me in its grips

how it is I could have missed.

Perfect timings, locks and keys.


As I lay alone on white starched sheets

the end of result of desolate weeks

I thought I was alone, the heaviness stung.


And you broke as you threw the anger at me

not for a moment did you look and see. The catalyst

of chance that had to occur, I know this now,

I was everything for her. As the emptiness stung

and you reminded me daily, I was never fully a lady.


And when I thought I was alone, when you weren’t at my side

when I searched in the shadows for somewhere to hide…

the heaviness stung, but I was never alone.


Blocking my path and leading the way. Silent smiles and

whispered love that refused to lay. Knowing eyes and

a hint of kindness enough for the shy. Perfect timings, locks and keys.

I was never alone, I just couldn’t see, there has always

been somebody, deep in the shadows, walking beside me.


Karen Hayward ©2016.