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Month: April, 2016

I submit.

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Reach into the depths of my soul and feel at the essence.

Give me truths I can blindly trust not words that can

be manipulated to tell a tale of beauty. Show me

again and again that I am your Queen and you

worship the air I breathe not the ground I walk. See

the beauty in me that lays beneath the surface and

make me no promises, for promises are the essence

of evil. Whisper to me the darkest truths in your

soul and let me whisper back, then look me in the

eye and tell me you are mine and I will submit to you,

entrusting you with everything I am and everything

I can be, entrusting you, to keep my soul free.


Karen Hayward ©2016


Stories in ancient pages.

What if everything I can be

is not who I am

and my path

is walked


What treasure must I lose

in order to have the

ocean ebbing

in my


What contradictions

must I endure

to find the




what knowledge will I

find between the

pages of




light will

it bring into my

heart as doubt is cast

into the shadows of forgiveness.


Karen Hayward ©2016

It cannot exist.

maygarden 015

The sacrificial lamb has long been slaughtered,

blood has congealed yet still it stains our hands.

The empty echo of distant memories whistles through

the spring day as birds do as the Bee’s see.

I once asked the universe what am I to do, for never

will I fight for him, for you. The universe, she whispered

on the wings of a dragon fly,

‘But my darling, will you not even try?’

So I grabbed a book or two and we sat and read through,

Cinderella and her shoe,

Snow White feeling blue,

Belle who nearly never knew.

It’s a fairytale I tell her, a story full of lies,

so you see my precious universe,

‘There’s no need that I should try.’

Karen Hayward ©2016

Regret has two sides.

I don’t want to spend an eternity in purgatory.

I don’t want to look back with my dying breath

and wonder was I ever loved beyond the flesh.

Satan is an iconic creation of freewill, God

iconic of rules, I can abide neither. My conscience

whispers, my intuition screams, my soul ever the

playful creature explores and my spirit rots. I am

too dark for the light, too light for the dark, neither

world will take me. My heart has a weakness, my soul

has a darkness and I am lost in a devils world. The

empty void of existence a heavy burden in which

to carry, the night calls my name in shame and

the day whispers the secret stench of testing times

that I fail, again and again. The tight rope has become a thin

wire stretched out as far as the eye can see no sun reaches it,

no moon touches it, it is purgatory. I am in purgatory for

my sins.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Cover me in a shroud of stars.

Dear Universe,
Cover me in a shroud of stars, I will love them until their lights fade from sight. Drop me into the deepest oceans I will swim among the lonely and tame the angry Sharks.
Close my eyes and show me true darkness and I will be a light for the lost. Lay me upon your fluffiest cloud and I will stare into your heart and dream of the infinite. Dear Universe, reach out your hands and I will fall into them I will become one with your soul as you are one with mine.

Karen Hayward ©2016.