A wish upon a star.

by blossom666

I know I am a mixture I know I fit no box
The path that I have walked was full of stars and rock.
I know I make my choice and so I lose my voice,
I know I live in shadows the sunlight burns my skin,
I know I am expressive warming only to the sin.
I know that I am broken I refuse to bend my knee,
I have worked so very hard so that I am truly free.
I do not trust a person, I do not trust their words,
and even I do wonder what happened to this girl.
But I took me to the darkness where lying is the norm,
and now I see it everywhere in every single form.
So I strip away humanity and look only at the core
of all my broken fantasies, sex, we know is sure.
You cannot fix my pieces, although try I know you will,
I cannot fix the cracks, although try, I know I will.
You cannot give me everything and all is what I need,
Is it wrong for once I want, to be a person’s Queen?
And so I do declare, I am everything and more
do you understand, of this I am so very sure.
I learned the world does lie,
I learned to never cry.
I learned that I can stand, upon my lovely feet,
I learned to help myself on the days when I am beat.
I learned the world is black and full of putrid hate,
And so I dropped my eyes to hell,  accepted my dark fate.

Like the phoenix I did burn my body turned to ash,
The darkness was engulfed I wish they’d been a flash.
I am not perfection…well okay perhaps I am,
Life is not a ride just an over crowded tram.
I’m breaking all my rules a hypocrite to the death,
But I am pretty sure the devils upped and left.
You cannot fix my pieces but I can tell you what they are,
perhaps beneath the darkness,
we can wish upon a star.

Karen Hayward ©2016