by blossom666

You gonna be anti social again then yeah….

A lion roars from deep inside of me and I hold back from tearing open your throat and watching as your tainted blood spills across the concrete.  

No, I don’t plan to be anti social. I never plan to be anti social, sitting in front of the TV watching my spirit drain from my soul as we sit in communicative silenece is my idea of paradise. Please give me fucking paradise. Let’s stop the world so I can  join yours. Who needs clean dishes or clothes or fucking floors.  I’ll just give those little brownies a ring and tell them to get their arses in gear because clearly they are ducking out of their duties. 
I wonder why my words fall on deaf ears but now I see. I am merely a whispered shadow transparent to your eyes. My being has no purpose to you. 

For days my muscles have screamed from the abyss for me to rest, you know this, I tell you, you see it, my pain settles in a glint in my eyes, a watered reflection of angel wings. So you watch as I carry on, stop, you say, watch telly with me, sit still, perfectly still, I will not pause it because you need to move, stop talking, stop fidgiting…..silence. Silence your mind and body. All the housework will still be waiting for you after.

Day one of seven, please send coffee, valium, more codiene, raw sugar and a tongue guard!!!