Familiar Beacon.

by blossom666



Familiar Beacon by Michael Garland and Karen Hayward

He wears a mask
When your soul reaches out
Hides a past  winter filled with doubt
An erasure of care that should’ve last
Did he walk away?
Did he ever care
Don’t accept that he’s an ass?
He gave the silken blade a silent twist?
Stole your thunder left only mist
No hint of grin neath the porcelain pain
Hides deceit hidden disdain
He rides a lame horse that wants you his equal
A different dawn shines a different sequel
Lay with me beneath the first white tree
I’ll show you truth,
How love was meant to be
Shut the door to a failed past
Live this one-day proper
Just one memory to last
Armor from mundane care
I am your kindred one
I’ve known you forever
A love that will last
Shelter from foul weather

My failed past has led me to you,
the echo of your thoughts have transcended
the boundaries of time whispering an ethereal truth.
I am stained with the harsh scribblings of indifference;
my wings tattered from the constant fight of resistance.
Yet my flame burned always, to light your way.
Beneath the first white tree together we lay.
I searched the night stars looking for you,
searching to find the only love that is true.
I am yours in an ancient melody
Whispers of love
More than a memory

© Michael Garland and Karen Hayward 08/14/2016
© Image Michael Garland