Creating raw art.

by blossom666

If I break, if I let the feelings of helplessness become me

as they shatter through my existence and tears break the

barrier of resistance, what then? Who will help me gather

the broken bits and glue them haphazardly back together?

No one. If I break I am alone for I am alone. So my tears will

fall only when darkness surrounds me, my mask will slip

only when the shadows are all that is there. Till then I will

continue to let you believe I am strength, I am strong for the

worthy can see through my words, my actions and see not

my strength but the tears that beg to fall. And when that day

arrives I will hand to them my every fear, my every dream my

every shadow that haunts, every ounce of helplessness,

and together in my raw and vulnerable state

we will create a piece of art.


Karen Hayward ©2016