Dear, G, No.16,St,A,rd

by blossom666

Dear No.16, 

I know the essence of you still peers through the crack in time and space to search for that whispered trace. Rest assured my choice was blessed by the Gods of grace for a fallen angel is a true disgrace. You.remember this song? Your parting gift before I ripped open our parting rift. An act of treachery you could never forgive I gave you freedom, so you could live. Rest assured my choice was right, I am empty without light, I was never worthy of your fight. And I wonder why it is that I pretend, what honour is there left that I can defend. You told me that in me was good, and follow that path I should, but it leads only to pain, again and again. You were were wrong and you were right I don’t belong. My light is merely a beacon of hope for others and for this I will always suffer. And the years implode to form the beating seconds of realisation, I am life’s violation.