Beneath clear skies. 

by blossom666

Benesth clear skies I listen as every star whispers an ancient memory across an unknown frequency. The universe resisting before my eyes as winds sweep through leaves stripping bare dying trees. All things must die before regeneration. The dark skies caress my soul  comfort in the cold tears stolen on the moon beam of indifference and so it is ponder where starts the devil’s feed and the angels wings. Gabriel, Gabriel hear these pleas within me walk me into the light show me for one more fight that I need no one. Raphael your essence spills across my existence heal now what has been broken so I may once again swim within the realm of the stars. Silence wihin the solitude and I am at peace the howling wind a lullaby of torture that has no claim upon my soul and he stark emptiness of skies so clear I can count the illuminations. Allow me now beneath wings of protection to survive in source alone and cleanse my soul of the poison inflicted through others. May I not pass judgement where his lord himself shall place his hand and guide toward the neverland of purgatory. Oh clear skies of heaven your lights are the reason my heart beats. 
Karen Hayward ©2016