Not perfect.

by blossom666


I’m not perfect and I fuck up.

Sometimes I don’t clean your mug.

I spit in your tea, and I often test

the buttered side up or down theory.

I sometimes fight back just for the peace

and I no longer prayer for the silence to cease.

I sell you my soul as an ultimate goal

and this bothers me not, for it’s simply a role.

I’m doing a job and the money is shit

a trade for a trade and little bit of tit.

The body is empty it’s just flesh and bones

and I give out, because you do nothing but moan.

Some days I play the good little wife

pretend I am capable of this caged up life.

Other days I scream from the pits of my soul

for passion and love and to simply feel whole.

I’m not perfect and I fuck up all the time

and constantly you tell me this is a crime

to put my needs first ahead of your own

but if I ask you for help you just fucking moan.

So I stopped asking.

Started multitasking.

I’m not perfect, I fucked up,

I spat on your ego and little gold cup

and constantly I tell you to fucking grow up.

So you crush me harder, you know the buttons to press.

I’m stubborn, hard headed and not out to impress.

I fucked up I was never enough

the lesson was hard and so very tough.

You tear at my spirit and I sell you my soul

the Devil watches as I grease my whore pole.

I could never bow down I could never submit

The perfect wife, I never did fit.

You say i’m cold hearted, as cold as ice

I say, you’ve never truly looked into my blue eyes.

I’m sorry I fucked up and i am not perfect

I’m sorry I can never forgive that you gave me a defect.

I’m sorry I want to reach for the stars

when you see the door as being too far.

I’m not perfect, I fuck up I do

every single time I forgive you.

I’m not perfect, at least not anymore

yet i’m not forsaken, the devil isn’t at my door.

When the day comes when I’ve rid of my shame

when I stand in your face and abandon your name

when you scream to the world, she could never be tamed

I’ll stand like the lion and his glorious mane.

Karen Hayward ©2015 (Image and words)