Caged in a cage of a cage.

by blossom666

Whispers in the darkness

away from sight,

venom struck beliefs.

Long gone exchanges

of love that defined us.

You hover at my side

waiting for my demise

so you can celebrate in

triumph that you were right.

Egg shells surround me,

shards of glass cover the

ground upon I walk,

my blood is spilling my

spirit leaking,

my fight is going.

I ponder the worthiness

of my dreams,

there is no light.

My own ego my only fight,

but we all know the ego is rarely right.

You break my voice so I cannot speak,

you steal my thoughts so I cannot think,

you poison my mind with your darkness

a self imposed cage you are the key,

cast iron heavy at my neck you pull me down,

you keep me down.

Perhaps you are right,

I reach for stars that are not mine,

for skies outside my reach.

You need only break my resolve

for I have nothing and I am no one,

I have no where to run.

This darkness you shroud me

in is the scars upon my soul,

your branded beliefs of me.

How very silly of me to believe

I was capable of standing

when I fall at every hurdle,

when I trip at every stone,

how very silly of me to have not noticed,

your cage upon me has simply grown.

Karen Hayward ©2016