The fallen.

by blossom666

Oh fallen princess tell me.

Where now is your perfect

grace among your accursed

declarations upon others.

Look down upon your hands

you are not without the tainted

markings of pride. Hearts are

not to played, love is not a

weapon of destruction.

Jealousy is not the Trojan

horse of the soul. I have

wounded you yet my I uttered

nothing but truth.

Come out now from your

shadows of deceit remove

your mask for this is not a

masquerade ball and I have

seen what lays beneath

your aesthetically pleasing skin.

The devil comes in many a guise

you are not the actions of which

you speak. You are not the words

upon your page

you are not the promises

of which you make.

You are but a fallen princess

using others to catapult yourself

into his mighty kingdom…..I fear you

will find hid gates

locked upon your arrival.