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Month: January, 2017

The poison hue upon your tongue 

There are days when I despise the very breath that leaves your lips. Days when before me I see the tinged hue of poison on your tongue as words slip through. When truth’s mingle with lies and intentions become the stepping stone of oblivion. And I wonder will the haunting memory of the past ever leave my mind or is to be the shadow that grasps at my soul as I sleep in peaceful slumber. 


Spring Seemed the Day When Love Came to Play


Spring Seemed the Day When Love Came to Play

(Michael J. Garland and Karen Hayward)

My muse, my love,
I give to you the very soul
of my ink and the lifeblood
of my page.
Recto, verso…this blank canvas
is yours,
is mine,
is ours. Let us spill raw beauty upon the
cascading new horizons that befall us.

Our canvas splashed
with a riot of color.
We have a love to weather the hours.
A deepening beautiful,
Fated begins.
My love,
your love,
our love,
sit with me close ,
make love with our pens.
A lifetime of mornings to start it again,
is yours,
is mine,
is ours.
Spring seemed the day when love came to play.

Michael J. Garland ©2017
Karen Hayward ©2017
Michael J.Garland ©2017 Image.

Not worthy of a title

  • A very old one from the edits box. 


You were the

weakness, drunk on

the beauty of ego,

the purity succubus,


Sever the ties,

go dance with your Queen.


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