Crimson flow of death of life.

by blossom666


Upon my knees

I plead for the





of life,

release me off

this torment that

flames within each cell,

each atom of myself,

the damning condemnation

of anatomy versus the spirits.

Will I resurrect on combustion?

On eruption will I realign into a calm

and ebbing ocean of delight, sprinkled in

heavens gold dust…will I hell! The scorn of

the blood moon seeps into the fibers of existence.

Perhaps in fighting the urge I am defying my nature,

the flames of resistance tear at my skin as the burned embers

of heavens feathers scatter across skies of doom.

Must I forever resist this bite? An internal

craving to become the beast,

to embrace the fallen

angel to scream



deep within my soul…

Upon my knees I plead for the

crimson flow of

death of life,

release me from this torment.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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