Tearing at edges of my sanity.

by blossom666


You’ve torn at the edges of my sanity

ripped holes in the depths of my conscience,

uttered words of spite filled hate over and over,

swung like the pendulum of doom

because the end it looms so soon.

You’ve cornered me in darkness

swatted at my light, killed my smile

and taken hostage my life. My spirit has

taken refuge in the pits of oblivion,

all because the end, it looms so very soon.

You’ve stole the blue from my eyes,

the laugh from my voice, the sparkle in my

step and the silence in my death, your

hatred draped in perfect festoon, all because

the end it looms so very soon. You killed this

flower that once did bloom, all because, you

couldn’t see the moon.

KH ©2017

Image found on pinterest