The dream-I watched you die. Flash fiction.

I watched you die. I stood back and watched as you stumbled, intoxicated. An early morning mist clung to our skin, damp and invading. The sun burning through, steam rising from the grey concrete. Everything was so grey, the sky, the road the path, you, me. You wern’t done flinging your anger at me and bitter words continued to fly amongst the tiny drops of wet, grey, air. I stopped and watched as you weaved between the invisible forces that you were battling. Each demon becoming stronger as you tried in vain to bat them away. Then it happened you lost your footing. You fell backwards. A loud crunch, followed by another and another as a pool of crimson blood formed on the grey concrete. So bright, I turned away, wondering if it were real. I listened as birds sang to one another from high up in the trees. Blood continued to spill out as your life ebbed away. My feet didn’t move, I wasn’t scared, or worried. I felt free, free from your bitter hate filled love, I felt the chains drop and my shoulders lighten as relief flushed through me. I watched you die and as your life ebbed away, I felt mine come back.