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To be.

My heart has known love a thousand times over,

three of those times my soul has screamed at me in

recognition. Three times, three soul mates to date.

In a world that tells us that true love happens only once,

I have experienced it three times and perhaps many more.

Three times each one so very unique,

each one made me weak.

There will be more,

of that I am sure.

Each one will ignite the fire that has forgotten

how to burn inside of me. The flames will

flicker through my veins, licking my soul, waking

my long forgotten spirit.

Till finally in a crowded room I will see you,

the one that haunts m dreams,

the voice I hear whisper, as I scream.

The soft touch on my arm when I feel fear,

the deep knowledge that you are near.

Then I will feel what it is to be,

not to have,

to want



but to simply be.


I’m ready to play your game.

Been thinking today…
My, fucking, turn to play.
My turn to sleep
And block out the noise,
To walk around the fucking toys.
To drink away my demons,
for fucked up reasons.
My turn to play the cunt,
To sit and snore, and grunt,
Each time you see, you saw
As i walked across the messy floor,
my turn to ignore;
my life responsibilities,
My turn to act all silly,
To sing to dance,
To sit in an ignorant trance.
So open your eyes,
don’t fucking cry,
Your tears are fake,
An empty lake.
Today is my day to reign,
You’ve no one to blame,
But your fucked up reflection,
In your smashed up collection
Of angry stares,
And knowing glares.
I’m stepping out from the shadows,
from your mirrored glow.
I just wanted for you to know.

Strings, would I ever grab an end.

With dry clumpy mud between my fingers,
with grass stains on my knees,
With the ebbing tide at my toes,
I sometimes wonder.

Beneath the changing moon,
The burning sun that sets in definitive glory,
amongst the howling winds,
And the clashing clouds,
When pleasure is achieved.

On the soft pillow,
Beneath my cover,
In the cleansing bath,
What happens,
When all is done.

When pleasure spent,
will I relent?
when we lay back
our bodies done
in a moments fun,
Will I stay?

Red horns where once I placed my halo.

I lost my battle of innocence,
By choice,
It was my voice.
I took away my angelic ness,
This is my mess.
I am tainted,
Too late to go back,
What if i’m wrong,
And this is the devils track.
It is no different,
It never is,
No one can truly calls me his.

Please world, stop killing the flowers.

I wrote this very simple poem a few weeks back, it was inspired by this quote by Osho, a beautiful and very true statement. In life we seem to become all to obsessed with capturing those things that we love, but by the very nature of capturing it we are in fact killing it. A flower is forever changing, forever growing, forever evolving, it is not possible to pick it and freeze it in time in that very moment that it was broken away from its stem. This is the moment that it starts to die, when we forget what it could have become and dream only of what it was. The poem itself is not about love, but rather the desire to fly free, to explore the skies once again without the shackles of chains holding us back.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.”

By Osho.

Oh tingle snook, tingle snook,
When will it be,
That our wings will be clipped
So we can fly free.
Why do they cage us,
And force us to be,
Then swear and cuss
When we’re not what they see.

Chaotic source of broken dreams.

maygarden 015

I try to understand.
These tainted thoughts
that threaten
To possess my broken,
But I merely find…
Desire that awakens me,
that will one
fill me with such despair,
That I may,
No longer care.
I thought,
I had
tried so
Hard to keep
You at a far.
But I never did,
I never hid,
I let you
In to explore,
I wanted more.
Choices, the undeniable
Evolutionary voices.
It cannot be
To not make the decision ever,
Is an involuntary request
To the universe to
What has been given,
The offering of desire,
Of taste, of chaotic
Frenzied abandonment,
with the indecision
Of a caged mind, bound
By a soulless

Intoxicated love is never enough.

I wonder what she see’s
When you’re drunk and on your knees.
Are you the hero of her dreams,
Or the shadow in her screams.
Does she look up and stare,
At the man that should care,
And should always be there.
Does she even dare,
To compare,
And ask if it’s fair?

I’ll shield her eyes,
Teach her to fly,
to always try,
And that it’s ok to cry.
I’ll protect her, forever,
Leave her, never,
It should be together,
But i won’t let you hurt her,
Not ever.