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Spring Seemed the Day When Love Came to Play


Spring Seemed the Day When Love Came to Play

(Michael J. Garland and Karen Hayward)

My muse, my love,
I give to you the very soul
of my ink and the lifeblood
of my page.
Recto, verso…this blank canvas
is yours,
is mine,
is ours. Let us spill raw beauty upon the
cascading new horizons that befall us.

Our canvas splashed
with a riot of color.
We have a love to weather the hours.
A deepening beautiful,
Fated begins.
My love,
your love,
our love,
sit with me close ,
make love with our pens.
A lifetime of mornings to start it again,
is yours,
is mine,
is ours.
Spring seemed the day when love came to play.

Michael J. Garland ©2017
Karen Hayward ©2017
Michael J.Garland ©2017 Image.


Without the Rainbow Pieces.

Photo courtesy of Walter E. Gantt. ©2016

‘Pieces of a Rainbow.’


I feel a vast emptiness inside of me,

spreading through the black storm

clouds, I search for my Rainbow and

I recall you gave it away.

And I search  for my love

and I remember you gave it away.

And I wonder where is my passion

and I recall you gave up that too.

And I ponder the way we once connected,

perfectly synchronized

and I don’t even try as you gave that away…

And now I wonder what is left…

A future?

A future without love

without passion

without soul

…is a slow and torturous death.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Image used with permission ©Walter E. Gantt. 2016

Please see more of his amazing photography here on g+

His wonderful photography can also be

viewed and brought here at Fine Art America.

And I am drowning.

It is believed that you must hit the sharp edges of the rocks, first. That you must endure darkness and let it seep into your soul before you can rise. It is believed that this fuel of empty loneliness will one day be the stepping stones toward the stars. But I cannot feel the light of the dying orbs that scatter throughout my skies.I bleed profusely as I fall and fall again. And I cannot reach the top. I am drowning and no one hears my voice as water fills my lungs. And I am drowning in the despair of poisoned air that I breath in silently as I pick my shadow up from the floor and sew her to my toes for if I have my shadow then I am never truly alone. It is believed that our internal light burns like a beacon calling into the twilight hours, mine despairingly wanders through the darkness, tear stained cheeks, there is no glue that can fix what is broken, splintered particles littered through the time of existence. And I am drowning and shadow is a miss. And I am drowning, putrid water filling my lungs holding me down. And I am drowning.
Karen Hayward ©2016



If I wandered past you

naked would you see through

me and continue to stare

at the TV? If I laid upon the

bed and stared adoringly at

the ceiling, would you at

least give me a little feeling?

Will you ever see me as more

than an end, will our passion

always e, pretend.


Karen Hayward © 2015.


More than a switch.

I like it when passion over runs.

When fingers fumble at fabric

and kisses are magnetically pulled

to the skin. When eye’s meet in a

knowing glance and nakedness

is purely chance. I like to feel the

need in your words to see the desire

in your body. I like to feel the wanting

against my skin

as we go

exploring in.

Karen Hayward ©2015.

Tardis dust.

The peculiarity of sensuality
that wanders freely in my space,
trailing magnetically a shadowed trace.
Curiosity magnified by the specifics of mind, electronically relieved by the wonders I find.

Karen Hayward ©2015.  

If I strip away the basic need.

If I strip away the outer layer the easy  route of darkness where sin lays down its beaten soul and confidence preys upon the weak. If I take away the lust filled thoughts and x-rated images that have set up house inside my blacked out white noise Television set of private peep shows, do you know what would be left behind? If I disconnect the mind from the heart, cut away all ties and laugh as it breaks, do you know what I would lose? Love, the immaculate emotion that all dreamers chase, but no one seems to stop and look at what they lose in their haste. Without love I am an empty vessel tied to nothing and ties with everything. I am a warrior with battle scars to show and passion that flames through my hair and pierces you with eyes so deep and so disconnected from the world that you are lost in their darkness for eternity. Without love I am untouchable, I can walk with Satan and bathe in his tears. Without love I am the darkness, I am the darkness that never looks back I am the succubus, I will take your soul and I will laugh in the corner as you beg for a glimpse of a heart that has not lain there for so many years that I will wonder whether it was ever there to begin with. And if I strip away these layers. If I look beyond the aching throb of sexual tension, do you know what I will find? Weakness that succumbs to the beating heart that should lay slain upon the floor. Desire for a touch that feels more alien than existence itself. I will find a desire that will turn even Satan’s blood cold, a desire so deep that the dead will turn in their graves to know I am inflicted with this weakness. And I will stand alone as I walk the boulevard of broken dreams no broken heart just an empty chest no black and white memories of treasured times, just Polaroid shots of the devil in my eyes. And if by chance I strip away this dark and broken outer shell…do you know what you have placed their? A dreamers chase hidden deep inside my blacked out television and white noise shows of vivid pure and dirty white.


Karen Hayward (copyright 2015)

The bigger picture.

I feel like i’m always a step behind you,
As you piece together the bigger picture,
Urging me to believe,
I’m still fumbling with the pieces.
Looking for holes,
for the impossibilities.
And now as those pieces
slip into place,
Making my heart race,
I wonder if you know.
I wonder what picture you have before you,
and how different it is from mine.
And I wake each day believing those thoughts
will have gone away,
Knowing that they have no where to go,
They are as natural to me as breathing.
and I wonder what it is that you are seeing.

Be true.

Be true,
I’ll listen to my feelings
No matter how confusing
Or overwhelming,
no matter if right now
They make absolutely no sense.
I’ll listen to my heart,
The way it beats when
I think of you,
The way it warms as I thaw,
The way you sit so comfortably
inside it.
I’ll listen to my instinct as it whispers
For me to tell you
My thoughts and my fantasies,
My strengths and weakness.
I’ll trust.
In you, in me, in the grand universe,
I’ll stand tall and proud
And accept it.
You are something to me.

I love you as I love the universe.

I love you,
i love you as i love the sun and the moon
and the stars in the endless black sky,
I love you as i love the sea that ebbs and crashes upon the shore,
And the petals that fly and fall at my door.
I love you as i love the emerald sky,
and the rainbow that waves goodbye.
I love you.
I love you as I love the autunm leaves that fall to the ground,
as the world continuously spins round,
I love you,
I love you as I love myself,
I love you.