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I would tell you of the truths…


I will tell you that I came away unscathed,
Blemish free without a scar to talk off,
Yet, raise your voice and i will become one with the earth’s silence,
You will know of the fierceness in my blood,
Yet, there will be times when you watch me flinch at angry atoms
You will know the intimacy of my soul,
Yet instinct will find me a wall when you least expect it,
You will know me as a chaotic calm
my energy dancing in vivid thoughts that will spill from my lips with the innocence of eyes still discovering,
Yet, with glass upon your lips
with each sip, each gulp
You will watch me cocoon myself within my shell,
taking refuge within my armour
watching, observing, surviving.
And it is then, when words
will hold no value, when eyes will
speak, when body will yell
when soul will reach beyond the
physical, it is that you, I yearn to know.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words


Beneath Eternal Skies

Take my hand, walk with me beneath eternal skies

a whispered sigh on the road of dreams speaks three words…i, you, us.

Sheltered beneath iridescent wings we roam free among shadows of unity

existence beyond physical form our souls entwine in a lovers embrace

beneath a celestial moon, yet my lips know not the taste upon them

a spiral nexus now apart only to resemble in passions brightest hues yet my hands

know not the touch of your silken skin,

and yet my heart knows your every touch as it beats in unison to your soft caresses

my soul is comforted i feel you like a sweet memory of home blanketed in ever morphing love…







On the cuff of love we knew no bounds

but the chains we imposed upon ourselves.

Unconditional, we ripped apart scars,

plunged our hands deep into open wounds

we tore open hearts and detonated bomb

after bomb…for love?

Unconditional, there was no pain I brought to

your palms that you could not hold, no fear of

yours that would break me…invincible,

I have the scars to prove it.

We were blind yet saw all, naive, yet wise

beyond our souls that lay desiccated in shallow

graves we dug with our bare hands.

We destroyed each other in useless words,

battles of ego wounding pride.

Yet we tended the wounds we inflicted,

we fought, lost and won as time slipped through

the glass neck bottle. I caught your every fall

you held my sobbing soul.

I once told you

I had only love.

Only now.

This moment speckled in fruitless time

and so it is,

you transcended the essence of now,

for love,


eternally holding my sobbing soul,

catching my every fall.

Love? Unconditional.

Karen Hayward © 2018

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Butterfly in a moths world


I am suffocating in the constancy of your rage,
drowning in your despair, gasping for air.
Life saturates from me, muting my energy
Zapping my life force in this captive reality.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Scar-less Battleground


I sometimes wonder
why I argue with you,
Why I allow words to
form in my mouth
to slip across my lips
like breath giving
me life, only giving
me death instead.
Rational thought is
the sworn enemy
to the narcissistic
soldier as you point
your arrow and shoot,
and shoot again.
Yet there is no blood,
there is no wound
yet still I wear the scars of your

Karen Hayward ©2017

Where are you now…

I know better…I should at least, but some days I am lost without you. I search the outer confines of my mind for a corner of solitude and find you waiting, guitar and sweet honey voice calling me in with eyes that know and always knew. I have things to tell you but the ocean never listens and Poseidon keeps you busy, I wonder do you hear me? Oh the intrinsic markings of a constellation mapped from times beginning, created you said, slavery nearer the truth as the matrix of our hybrid minds was frozen. You despaired my knowing yet it formed the fragments of our bond, where are you now? To lose, it all, everything but no loss matches the loss of friendship that slipped away that day. Where are you? I know better… I should, yet still I pressed the button and listened as your voice once again echoed through my mind, a moment created then ready for now, or the next time or the time after that. Where are you now, I have tales to tell and thoughts to share, oh where are you now, I have tales to tell and thoughts to share.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Daring to breathe 


Between the static
and crackled echo
I wonder what It is
you hate the most,
My mind for
daring to fight?
Or my lungs for
daring to

KH (c)2017
Image found on Pinterest

A blessing in twilight’s thoughts.


At dawns awakening
the world screeched
upon the etched carvings
of a spiteful tongue,
hates essence
suffocating my light.
Drowning in yester-
years ocean of
delinquent blood.
The hours owned
by the devil, wiped
clean by the angels
beating wings.
The merry go round
of existence. Dawn
becomes day, day
becomes noon,
noon leaves too soon.
After drowning in
evening’s promise,
night begs for

Tired eyes and stinging
mind, I walk the halls
to you, no calls for mum,
no echo of media.
I pause about your feet,
and take in life’s splendour.
A gift . . . the soft hum
of sleep already arrived,
the whisper of a moment’s
promise. I pause now with
freedoms time upon my hands,
and stare into the heart
of twilight skies. your
gentle sleep, a melody so

Karen Hayward (c) 2017

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Darkest Light.



Darkest Light

and all drowning
my essence of night.
Deepest blue,
darkest burgundy,
it matters not,
my essence is cloaked
in this state, this void.
Think not of my night
and my aura as negative
for a dark state
can be a canvas.
A blank page for
something bright
to create. . .something
bright to form
my nights’ sky
and give it character.
and make it
come alive.

Yet it should consume me.
Darkness such as the night sky
should devour me, swallowing
my essence into oblivion.
Do you see me?
I am a mere whisper
of light lost in the echos of time. Yet,
when you lay me upon
your dark essence,
your canvas
becomes my art.
Your depth is my contrast.
I tip toe through your darkest blues
leaving illuminated kisses.
My essence, glimmers and glistens
upon your touch, for my light. . .
is love,
created by your darkness.

Words & Image
©5-2017 Locthiese/Karen Hayward

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love came at a cost.


The oxygen in my crimson blood.

Love? Beyond spacious atoms, lust?

Love could never be our song.

Oxytocin stuck to us,

seeped from our pores,

became our alphabet.

A tug of war and I always lost

my flesh came at a cost,

to us both,

to you,

to me.

Nothing comes for free.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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