Deviance in my sight.

by blossom666

Fake it. Fake it until you feel it,

but how can I feel anything when

all I ever see in those deep eyes is

emptiness. An object of requirement

tossed aside once used. One, two three,

tweak, one, two, three, tweak. All that

matters is you hit your peek.

I’m an unexplored discarded vessel

that you perceive as a genie in the lamp,

two rubs, pink smoke fills the room

and your wish is my command.

Fake it, fake it until you believe it.

I am, I am, I am, I am!

I am all that you created for

this i’m sure you are elated.

My reflection is without image, my eye’s

without spirit, my body without

passion, tweak it, tweak it

the latest line in loves new fashion.

I am, I am, I am. Fake it, fake it until

you believe it.

See past the indiscressant

behaviour, look through the emptiness,

search for the reflection, discard the

golden bands of possession and find it.

Before a lack of passion devours your

soul for eternity.


Believe it.


Karen Hayward © 2015